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Smart Guard LLC announces RFID in the Book Publishing/Media and Entertainment Industry


Monday, 17 June 2013 Nashville, TN


By incorporating item level RFID tagging into the manufacturing process for books, magazines, and many other types of media, SMARTGUARD® will save time, reduce theft and fraud, control inventory, and increase profit.


BindTech, Inc., located in Nashville, TN, one of the largest, privately owned trade bindery/book manufacturers in the U.S., announced today Smart Guard LLC owns the rights to all of the Smart Guard™ patents around the world. SMARTGUARD® is a patented manufacturing process incorporating RFID technology into item level tagging for publishing/media and entertainment industries.



SMARTGUARD®, developed by BindTech, Inc., worked with its manufacturing group, equipment manufacturers, and board manufacturers to develop an in-line manufacturing process to apply and fully conceal an RFID tag into a product as it is being manufactured.



For companies in this multi-billion dollar industry looking for a competitive edge, SMARTGUARD® can deliver solutions worldwide that will improve their supply chain, reduce counterfeited products, reduce overall costs, and streamline reverse logistics processes that further provide value for their customers.



The prevalent method used today to implement RFID technology by manufactures, publishers, bookstores, libraries, and the like is to hand-apply RFID tags on products after the products are received. The problems associated with this method are obvious. It is a labor-intensive method and not every item is tagged and those that are can fall off (or be purposely removed) due to inadequate application or adhesives. Also, the integrity of the data is lost because the product is not scanned and therefore, is not associated to the individual item. Tracking product is ineffective and shrinkage increases. Inventory control is compromised and inaccurate. Also, without the added security of RFID technology, “knockoff” copies are easily produced to flood the market with fraudulent copies and returns, which cost publishers millions of dollars each year in increased expenses and lost profits.



By implementing RFID technology as an automated in-line manufacturing process, labor costs are  decreased at the retail and manufacturing levels, inventory is accurately tracked, and the ability of professionals to reproduce, sell, and/or return fraudulent copies is virtually eliminated.



Offering publishers and manufacturers an efficient and accurate supply chain solution by utilizing RFID smart tags, they can now accurately track the life span of their products within their supply chains, which substantially reduces theft and fraud while improving and streamlining their logistics and credit reconciliation processes.



Book publishers and other manufacturers of like products see the decrease in shrinkage as well as being able to identify fraudulent copies and returns is astounding. SMARTGUARD® digitally protects the owner’s copyrighted materials and prevents malicious attempts to tamper with the produced products because the electronic serial ID is concealed during the manufacturing process and cannot be removed without destroying the book, CD or DVD case. It allows the owner of the intellectual property to securely ID their work/content, track it throughout the supply chain, secure proper payments and credits, and authenticate returns. We have been working on perfecting this process for several years with leading manufacturers and publishers and now with the process patented, SMARTGUARD® is ready to deliver savings to the many clients worldwide who have been losing revenue and dealing with issues such as price parity, counterfeiting, credit returns errors, and the need to streamline their supply chains.



The advantages of the RFID technology from SMARTGUARD® will be less waste and improved productivity through the entire publishing value chain; from the publisher’s warehouse to the bookstore, and back in the event of a return.



SMARTGUARD®with NFC applications brings many new options to the marketplace that had never existed until today. The ability of a reader to be in direct contact with publishers, authors, and even have additional external content available to them is just one such option.


“Just to think about the possibilities of how SMARTGUARD® delivers so much more content and resources to people who purchase a product with this technology is staggering,” said Nathan Lake, Smart Guard LLC’s Director, IT Services. “Imagine going on a trip to Brazil, being given a book that has all sorts of information in it about Brazil and then when you land, you can use your smart phone on the book to be directed to the areas you want to see, the restaurants you want to visit, and the stores with awesome souvenirs. Oh, and by the way, when you were scanning the restaurant earlier with your phone, you were able to make a reservation right on the spot as well.”


Smart Guard LLC is currently reviewing and issuing patent licenses worldwide. For more information contact us at info@smartguardllc.com or call (615)834-0404.




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