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Center Sewing

A traditional Saddle Stitch just isn’t durable enough to cut it in some cases. We know that in high-stress situations, you need a book that can endure the wear and tear of regular, or maybe more than regular, usage. That’s why at BindTech, we offer the option of Center Sewing your books. Enhance your books by trying different colored thread to match your logo or the content of your product.

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The most durable and dependable book manufacturing process for school textbooks. This manufacturing method is the standard for school text and reference books throughout the country. McCain books are built for long lasting usage and are the most secure type of books available.

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This is the service for when strength is key! It’s perfect for reinforced binding in publicly used library books, children’s books, academic textbooks, and really anywhere where you may see an added load of stress. This is the pinnacle of strength for bookbinding. Compiled signatures are sewn together with stitches running top down through the book block and parallel to the binding edge.

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