A saddle bound book.


• All signatures mush have lap on high folio side ¼” minimum. BindTech recommends 3/8-1/2 inch.
• There is no perforation on the spine of signatures that are going to be sewn.
• On page one of signature one and last page of last signature mask back, free of inks and coatings, 3/16” for end sheet tipping.
• Mask back last page of first signature and first page of last signature, as well as first page and last page on final fold on all other signatures (pp1 and pp16) 1/16” free of inks and coatings.
• BindTech recommends minimum head, foot and low folio face trim of 3/16”.
• Any additional tips must be mask backed 3/16” on the tip as well as the signature in which it is being tipped.
• All four and two page signatures must be tipped between regular full signatures.
• BindTech recommends that the grain of the text and the end sheets run parallel to the binding side to minimize wrinkles (waves) in the paper.
• All furnished end sheets mush be at least .006 thick (80# uncoated Vellum or 100# smoothe).
• Any excess trims need to be divided evenly between the head and foot. Please check with BindTech if there is any additional trim amount in advance.
• On thin books, backbone of spine will rock front to back, minimum spine board is ¼”.
• Headbands: the bulk of book must be 5/16” or greater to have headbands.
• Signatures to sew must be folded 16s or greater. Eight page signatures can be sewn intermittently throughout the 16s.
• If a Smyth sewn book consists of all eight page sigs, they must be nested to form 16 page sigs.

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