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• Allow 1/8”-3/16” grind off spine of signatures.
• Use light perforation on head and spine (please do not over perforate which could create gathering problems with signatures pulling apart).
• Allow ¼” head, ¼” face, and ¼” foot trim. Bleed in the appropriate bleeds 3/16” into the trim. Note- These trims can be adjusted to accommodate web cut offs and different sheet sizes. Please advise if different trims are needed.
• On first page first signature and last page last signature, mask 3/16” area free of links and coatings beyond the 1/8” grind for side glue application.
• Mask back inks and coatings 1/16” on all other pages (excluding the first page and last page) beyond the grind off. This is done so that there can be better glue adhesion to text stock.
• Signature can be folded without a lap.
• Grain of text should run parallel to binding edge.
• Maximum signature size, front to back, cannot exceed 12 ½ inches.


• On very thin books (1/8”) spine may have a slight rounded effect.
• Grain of cover must run parallel to binding edge.
• Gatefold should be well secured with head and foot tack falling beyond the trim size. Gatefold should be a minimum of 1/8” short of face trim. Note- In some instances the tack is not needed. Please consult on a job-by-job basis.
• One-up cover to equal untrimmed signature size head to foot plus 1/8” head and 1/8” foot for glue trapping. Please match trims and bleeds with signatures.
• Minimum flat cover size for a perfect bound book must be at least 9-1/2” left to right.
• On inside of cover if printed, please mask back inks and coatings where spine and side glue adheres. This dimension will be the bulk of book plus 3/16” front and 3/16” back for side glue.
• If covers are UV coated, please note that you may experience some enhanced cracking of coating where spine wraps book as well as where cover hinges.
• For any special specifications such as gatefolds, foldouts, special coatings, etc. Please call for further guidelines.

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